Case Report

Enhancing Geriatric Workforce Competency: Impact of 3 Distinct Geriatric Interprofessional Education Programs



INTRODUCTION An aging population with increasingly complex health care needs necessitates a diverse health care workforce prepared to deliver geriatric care in interprofessional teams. It is unclear what educational approaches effectively prepare health professions students for such practice. This study examines two indicators of preparedness for students from seven professions who participated in at least one of three geriatric interprofessional education (IPE) programs, reflecting different educational strategies. METHODS Four cohorts of students (n=697) completed pre-post surveys assessing indicators of preparedness for geriatric interprofessional practice. These included self-reported 1) familiarity with the roles and responsibilities of other health professions and 2) their capability to conduct common geriatric health assessments. RESULTS Students in two programs, and those who participated in multiple programs, reported statistically significant gains in familiarity with other professions (range: familiarity with 0.73 to 1.55 more professions). Students in all three programs, and those in multiple programs, reported gains in their self-reported capability to conduct geriatric health assessments (range: capability with 1.38 to 3.15 more health assessments). DISCUSSION Each program helped students prepare for future team practice. The gains appeared largest in the program that involved the most direct contacts with an older adult in a community setting. Gains were also larger for students who participated in multiple programs. This suggests that both direct contact with older adults, dose of IPE exposure, and composition of IPE teams may be particularly important in training future health care professionals.


Interprofessional teamsolder adulthealth care workforcegeriatric educationmulti-professional education
  • Year: 2022
  • Volume: 4 Issue: 3
  • Page/Article: eP2233
  • DOI: 10.7710/2641-1148.2233
  • Published on 26 Aug 2022
  • Peer Reviewed