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Reading: The Interprofessional Care Team: Where do Educators Fit in?


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The Interprofessional Care Team: Where do Educators Fit in?


Amber V. Buhler ,

Pacific University, US
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Anita Zijdemans Boudreau

Pacific University, US
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The argument for interprofessional care (IPC) has been made. With this, we expanded the original, limited view, of a siloed core-healthcare team of Physicians and RN.s, to interprofessional teams that include traditional direct patient care professions such as Audiology, Dental Hygiene, Physical Therapy, and many more. It took work to further expand our vision and to include professions such as Health Administration and Social Work under this umbrella. This more holistic stance to include professions in the IPC team outside of the traditional direct patient care fields was hard-won. While we have made some progress in breaking down some of the conventional delineations between health professions and redefining the scope of interprofessional practice, there remains a pervasive global professional identity as healthcare providers that may exclude other important professions from inclusion in the team. The case should be made that any profession whose responsibilities include the management of an individual’s care should be part of the IPC team.
How to Cite: Buhler, A.V. and Zijdemans Boudreau, A., 2019. The Interprofessional Care Team: Where do Educators Fit in?. Health, Interprofessional Practice and Education, 3(4), p.eP1165. DOI:
Published on 14 Nov 2019.


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