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  • Comparable outcomes between face-to-face and online deliveries of an introduction to IPE event for occupational therapy and physical therapy students

    Jillian Woodworth, Suzanne Trojanowski, Amy Yorke
    • Changes in Student Attitudes toward Interprofessional Education after Online and In-Person Introductory Learning Activities

      M. Melissa Gross, Chamipa Phanudulkitti, Vinoothna Bavireddy, Olivia S. Anderson, Tazin Daniels, Mark Fitzgerald, Debra Mattison, Karthik Nagappan, Vani Patterson, Laura J. Smith, Peggy Ann Ursuy, Karen B. Farris
                • Integrating Interprofessional Education into an Academic Enrichment Program

                  Tina P. Gunaldo, Allison Augustus-Wallace, Amanda Goumas, Toby Cheramie, Stephen Brisco, Elizabeth Levitzky
                  • Interprofessional Education in the Context of Feeding and Swallowing

                    Towino Paramby, Veronica T. Rowe, Nina Roofe, Alicia Landry, Jessica Wright
                      • A Locally Developed Pilot Writers’ Workshop Encourages Scholarly Dissemination of Interprofessional Education Projects

                        Gretchel Gealogo Brown, Moshtagh R. Farokhi, Keith A. Krolick, Rebecca Moote, Temple A. Ratcliffe, Joseph A. Zorek
                        • Athletic Trainers' Perceptions and Experiences with Interprofessional Practice

                          Ellanora Kraemer, Kimberly Keeley, Malissa Martin, Anthony P. Breitbach
                            • Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: Strategies for Interprofessional Health Education

                              Cindy Jean Hadenfeldt, Heather M Naylor, Jennifer Lynn Jessen, Sara Banzhaf, Kate Martens-Stricklett
                              • Peer Led Team Learning in a Foundational IPE Curriculum

                                Laura Romito, Brittany J Daulton, Brittany J Daulton, Cynthia Stone, Andrea L Pfeifle
                                • Application and Student Perceptions of the PEEER© Model for Effective Healthcare Team Communications

                                  Rosemarie L. Conigliaro, Janice Kuperstein, Darlene Welsh, Stacy Taylor, Donna R. Weber, Mikael D. Jones
                                      • An Innovative, Arts-Based Approach to Interprofessional Education

                                        Sheri Price, Meaghan Sim, Megan L. Aston, Christine A. Awad, Sara F.L. Kirk
                                        • Development of a Novel Interprofessional Education Activity with Undergraduate Students: Design, Assessment, and Lessons Learned

                                          Michelle R. Musser, Natalie DiPietro Mager, Lisa Walden, Susan Montenery, Sara Terrell
                                          • Exploring Student-Led Interprofessional Education Through a Community Service Project

                                            Lindsay A. Doerschuk, Merri Jones, Ann O'Kelley Wetmore, Doreen Nicholas