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  • Big Ten Case Study: How Health Professions Faculty are Evaluated, Incentivized, and Rewarded for Interprofessional Education in Academia

    Andrea Pfeifle, Kelly Karpa, Frank Ascione, Zachary Weber, Brian Sick
      • Design, Presentation, and Evaluation of an Interprofessional Case Conference on Fibromyalgia

        Erin E. Jobst, Amber V. Buhler, David G. Fuentes, Jodi Johnson, Shawna D. Rohner, Jennifer Antick, Randy Randolph
            • Development and Evolution of a Model Interprofessional Education Program in Parkinson’s disease: A Ten-year Experience

              Ruth A. Hagestuen, Elaine V. Cohen, Gladys González-Ramos, Celia Bassich, Denise Beran, Elaine Book, Kathy P. Bradley, Janice L. Briggs, Julie H. Carter, Hillel W. Cohen, Mariann Di Minno, Joan Gardner, Monique Giroux, Sandra Holten, Susan Imke, Ricky Joseph, Denise D. Kornegay, John C. Morgan, Patricia A. Simpson, Concetta M. Tomaino, Richard P. VandenDolder, Maria Walde-Douglas, Rosemary Wichmann
              • Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: Strategies for Interprofessional Health Education

                Cindy Jean Hadenfeldt, Heather M Naylor, Jennifer Lynn Jessen, Sara Banzhaf, Kate Martens-Stricklett
                  • An Interprofessional Education Nursing Home Dining Simulation Promotes Changes in Student Attitudes

                    Mary Kay Arvin, Mary Catherine Ehlman, Julie M. McCullough, Elizabeth A. Ramos
                          • Examining Change in Confidence: A Unique Approach to Interprofessional Education Evaluation

                            Carol J. Hermansen-Kobulnicky, Mary Anne Purtzer, Reshmi L. Singh, Catherine L. Ross, Kristin McTigue, Lindsey Overstreet
                            • Interprofessional Clinical Education Case Study Competition from the Public Health Perspective

                              Miranda Ketcherside, Elijah Puett, Christian Banez, MacKenzie Maher
                                • Interprofessional Education in the Context of Feeding and Swallowing

                                  Towino Paramby, Veronica T. Rowe, Nina Roofe, Alicia Landry, Jessica Wright
                                  • Palliative Care Simulation: Nurturing Interprofessional Collegiality

                                    Pauline C. Gillan, Sabina Arora, Helena Sanderson, Linda Turner
                                    • Mobility Clinic Team Composition: Optimizing Care for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

                                      James Milligan, Loretta M. Hillier, Karen Slonim, Craig Bauman, Lindsay Donaldson, Joseph Lee
                                            • Answering the Call for Interprofessional Education using a Large-Scale Simulation

                                              Kathleen M. Seurynck, Linda A. Myler, Grigoris Argeros
                                                • Faculty Perceptions of Readiness to Implement Interprofessional Education in Athletic Training

                                                  Meredith Parry, Jennifer Jordan Utley, Sue Shapiro, Stefanie Podlog