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  • Big Ten Case Study: How Health Professions Faculty are Evaluated, Incentivized, and Rewarded for Interprofessional Education in Academia

    Andrea Pfeifle, Kelly Karpa, Frank Ascione, Zachary Weber, Brian Sick
    • Faculty Perceptions of Readiness to Implement Interprofessional Education in Athletic Training

      Meredith Parry, Jennifer Jordan Utley, Sue Shapiro, Stefanie Podlog
        • Evaluating the Impact of an Interprofessional Course: Comparing Faculty and Student Attitudes

          Amy E. Coplen, Susan M. Stein, Shahana Koslofsky, Kathryn P. Bell, Matthew Hunsinger
          • Outcomes of an Interprofessional Faculty Development Program on Knowledge and Value of Interprofessional Practice and Education

            Anne P. Kim, Sandy L. Carollo, Nicole R. Stendell-Hollis, Thomas R. Miller, Angela S. Stewart, Erin R. Hepner
                  • An Innovative, Arts-Based Approach to Interprofessional Education

                    Sheri Price, Meaghan Sim, Megan L. Aston, Christine A. Awad, Sara F.L. Kirk
                    • Development of a Novel Interprofessional Education Activity with Undergraduate Students: Design, Assessment, and Lessons Learned

                      Michelle R. Musser, Natalie DiPietro Mager, Lisa Walden, Susan Montenery, Sara Terrell
                          • Preparing Students for Team-Based Care for Vulnerable Populations

                            Ann M. Laughlin, Ann Ryan-Haddad, Joy Doll, Katie Packard, Kimberley Begley, Martha Todd, Barbara Harris, Jennifer Yee
                                    • A Locally Developed Pilot Writers’ Workshop Encourages Scholarly Dissemination of Interprofessional Education Projects

                                      Gretchel Gealogo Brown, Moshtagh R. Farokhi, Keith A. Krolick, Rebecca Moote, Temple A. Ratcliffe, Joseph A. Zorek
                                      • Design, Presentation, and Evaluation of an Interprofessional Case Conference on Fibromyalgia

                                        Erin E. Jobst, Amber V. Buhler, David G. Fuentes, Jodi Johnson, Shawna D. Rohner, Jennifer Antick, Randy Randolph
                                            • Exploring Interprofessional Activities that Address Poverty, Social Determinants of Health, Homelessness, and Chronic Pain

                                              Whitney Lucas Molitor, Allison Naber, Tracy Cleveland, Carissa Regnerus, Chelsea Wesner, Kory Zimney, Sabina Kupershmidt
                                              • Innovation and Collaboration: Creating a Transdisciplinary Childhood Obesity Prevention Graduate Certificate Program

                                                Becky S. Jensen, Mindy Anderson-Knott, Mary Bowne, Linda Boeckner, Suzanne Stluka, Kendra Kattelmann, Jessica Meendering