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  • Faculty Perceptions of Readiness to Implement Interprofessional Education in Athletic Training

    Meredith Parry, Jennifer Jordan Utley, Sue Shapiro, Stefanie Podlog
      • Outcomes of an Interprofessional Faculty Development Program on Knowledge and Value of Interprofessional Practice and Education

        Anne P. Kim, Sandy L. Carollo, Nicole R. Stendell-Hollis, Thomas R. Miller, Angela S. Stewart, Erin R. Hepner
          • Development of a Novel Interprofessional Education Activity with Undergraduate Students: Design, Assessment, and Lessons Learned

            Michelle R. Musser, Natalie DiPietro Mager, Lisa Walden, Susan Montenery, Sara Terrell
              • A Locally Developed Pilot Writers’ Workshop Encourages Scholarly Dissemination of Interprofessional Education Projects

                Gretchel Gealogo Brown, Moshtagh R. Farokhi, Keith A. Krolick, Rebecca Moote, Temple A. Ratcliffe, Joseph A. Zorek
                  • Development and Evolution of a Model Interprofessional Education Program in Parkinson’s disease: A Ten-year Experience

                    Ruth A. Hagestuen, Elaine V. Cohen, Gladys González-Ramos, Celia Bassich, Denise Beran, Elaine Book, Kathy P. Bradley, Janice L. Briggs, Julie H. Carter, Hillel W. Cohen, Mariann Di Minno, Joan Gardner, Monique Giroux, Sandra Holten, Susan Imke, Ricky Joseph, Denise D. Kornegay, John C. Morgan, Patricia A. Simpson, Concetta M. Tomaino, Richard P. VandenDolder, Maria Walde-Douglas, Rosemary Wichmann
                    • An Interprofessional Education Nursing Home Dining Simulation Promotes Changes in Student Attitudes

                      Mary Kay Arvin, Mary Catherine Ehlman, Julie M. McCullough, Elizabeth A. Ramos
                        • Practicing Collaborative Skills through an Interprofessional Interview with Individuals Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

                          Tina P. Gunaldo, Todd M. Tartavoulle, Samantha Karlin, Aaron J. Lin, Oanh Truong, Elizabeth Levitzky, Don Mercante
                            • Description of a Model of Interprofessional Global Education for Allied Health Students

                              Rebecca Reisch, Tiffany L. Boggis, Kelli Shaffer, Sarah Brown, Amber Black
                                • Interprofessional Education: Using Live Simulation to Enhance Collaboration and Communication

                                  Gregory Chown, Suzanne Mader, Robyne Eisenhauer, John Lichtenwalner, Scott Batz