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  • Exploring Professional Culture in the Context of Family Health Team Interprofessional Collaboration

    Jennifer Beales, Rishma Walji, Christine Papoushek, Zubin Austin
    • An Interprofessional Education Nursing Home Dining Simulation Promotes Changes in Student Attitudes

      Mary Kay Arvin, Mary Catherine Ehlman, Julie M. McCullough, Elizabeth A. Ramos
      • Practicing Collaborative Skills through an Interprofessional Interview with Individuals Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

        Tina P. Gunaldo, Todd M. Tartavoulle, Samantha Karlin, Aaron J. Lin, Oanh Truong, Elizabeth Levitzky, Don Mercante
                • Changes in Student Attitudes toward Interprofessional Education after Online and In-Person Introductory Learning Activities

                  M. Melissa Gross, Chamipa Phanudulkitti, Vinoothna Bavireddy, Olivia S. Anderson, Tazin Daniels, Mark Fitzgerald, Debra Mattison, Karthik Nagappan, Vani Patterson, Laura J. Smith, Peggy Ann Ursuy, Karen B. Farris
                  • Evaluation of an Interprofessional Elective Course for Health Professions Students: Teaching Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

                    Bethanne Brown, Bonnie Brehm, Heather S. Dodge, Tiffany Diers, Ruth Anne Van Loon, Phyllis Breen, Valorie A. Grant, Andrea Wall
                      • An Innovative Interprofessional Simulation: Preparing Students to Tackle the Challenge of Care Transitions

                        Lora Packel, Heather Klusaritz, Matthew Kearney, Diane E. Hadley, Varleisha Gibbs, Caroline Lloyd Doherty, Cathy Poon
                        • Gaining an Understanding of Interprofessional Roles and Responsibilities Among Pre-Professional Health Students

                          Tina Patel Gunaldo, Allison Augustus-Wallace, Denise Schilling, Marquita Hicks, Amanda Goumas, Elizabeth Levitzky
                          • Examining Change in Confidence: A Unique Approach to Interprofessional Education Evaluation

                            Carol J. Hermansen-Kobulnicky, Mary Anne Purtzer, Reshmi L. Singh, Catherine L. Ross, Kristin McTigue, Lindsey Overstreet
                              • The Design of Interprofessional Performance Assessments in Undergraduate Healthcare & Social Work Education: A Scoping Review

                                Hester Wilhelmina Henrica Smeets, Albine Moser, Dominique Sluijsmans, Xandra Janssen-Brandt, Jeroen Van Merrienboer
                                • Mobility Clinic Team Composition: Optimizing Care for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

                                  James Milligan, Loretta M. Hillier, Karen Slonim, Craig Bauman, Lindsay Donaldson, Joseph Lee
                                    • Preparing Students for Team-Based Care for Vulnerable Populations

                                      Ann M. Laughlin, Ann Ryan-Haddad, Joy Doll, Katie Packard, Kimberley Begley, Martha Todd, Barbara Harris, Jennifer Yee
                                        • Interprofessional Education in the Context of Feeding and Swallowing

                                          Towino Paramby, Veronica T. Rowe, Nina Roofe, Alicia Landry, Jessica Wright
                                          • Palliative Care Simulation: Nurturing Interprofessional Collegiality

                                            Pauline C. Gillan, Sabina Arora, Helena Sanderson, Linda Turner
                                              • Changes in Student Perceptions andBeliefs, Self-Efficacy, Role Identification, and Behavioral Intentions after Participation in Longitudinal Interprofessional Pain Management Simulation

                                                Ryan M. Babl, Kathleen M. Young, Seth T. Lirette, Kim G. Adcock, Penny Rogers, Tonia Taylor, Sajani M. Tipnis, Jennifer C. Reneker
                                                  • Development and Evolution of a Model Interprofessional Education Program in Parkinson’s disease: A Ten-year Experience

                                                    Ruth A. Hagestuen, Elaine V. Cohen, Gladys González-Ramos, Celia Bassich, Denise Beran, Elaine Book, Kathy P. Bradley, Janice L. Briggs, Julie H. Carter, Hillel W. Cohen, Mariann Di Minno, Joan Gardner, Monique Giroux, Sandra Holten, Susan Imke, Ricky Joseph, Denise D. Kornegay, John C. Morgan, Patricia A. Simpson, Concetta M. Tomaino, Richard P. VandenDolder, Maria Walde-Douglas, Rosemary Wichmann