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  • Online Non-Technical Skill Simulation-Enhanced Interprofessional Education: Changes in Attitudes and Behaviors of Health Professions Graduate Students

    Judi Schack-Dugre, Jordan Hamson-Utley, Karen Snyder
    • Palliative Care Simulation: Nurturing Interprofessional Collegiality

      Pauline C. Gillan, Sabina Arora, Helena Sanderson, Linda Turner
      • Changes in Student Perceptions andBeliefs, Self-Efficacy, Role Identification, and Behavioral Intentions after Participation in Longitudinal Interprofessional Pain Management Simulation

        Ryan M. Babl, Kathleen M. Young, Seth T. Lirette, Kim G. Adcock, Penny Rogers, Tonia Taylor, Sajani M. Tipnis, Jennifer C. Reneker
        • Answering the Call for Interprofessional Education using a Large-Scale Simulation

          Kathleen M. Seurynck, Linda A. Myler, Grigoris Argeros
          • An Interprofessional Education Nursing Home Dining Simulation Promotes Changes in Student Attitudes

            Mary Kay Arvin, Mary Catherine Ehlman, Julie M. McCullough, Elizabeth A. Ramos
            • Interprofessional Education: Using Live Simulation to Enhance Collaboration and Communication

              Gregory Chown, Suzanne Mader, Robyne Eisenhauer, John Lichtenwalner, Scott Batz
                  • A Teaching Innovation on Poverty for Interprofessional Students: Cost of Poverty Experience Simulation

                    Shipra Singh, Nicole McKenzie, Sely-Ann A. Headley, Karen Mortland, Dawn Woolford
                            • An Innovative Interprofessional Simulation: Preparing Students to Tackle the Challenge of Care Transitions

                              Lora Packel, Heather Klusaritz, Matthew Kearney, Diane E. Hadley, Varleisha Gibbs, Caroline Lloyd Doherty, Cathy Poon
                              • Exploring Interprofessional Activities that Address Poverty, Social Determinants of Health, Homelessness, and Chronic Pain

                                Whitney Lucas Molitor, Allison Naber, Tracy Cleveland, Carissa Regnerus, Chelsea Wesner, Kory Zimney, Sabina Kupershmidt
                                • Active Learning to Promote Empathy, Social Justice and Advocacy of Impoverished Families Among Education and Nursing Students

                                  Shelia Hurley, Ann Hellman, Heather Cathey, Heather Cathey, Cary Cass, Ashleigh Snow